Mark Mangino Is Getting Skinny



Of course you remember the loveable madman Mark Mangino from his days as head coach at Kansas. The mammoth Mangino took a terrible Kansas program and turned them into a 12-1 Orange Bowl winner in 2007. He was known as the blubbery bully (the Mangino baby dominated Halloween 2008) who took things so far in 2009 that his mistreatment of players ended up costing him his job.

He quietly took a nice buyout and disappeared.

But you can’t tear the football fabric out of Mangino’s body. He’s a lifer, so the old ball coach swallowed his pride and took a job this fall with Youngstown State as a tight ends coach. Oh, and he has a new look. Mammoth Mark Mangino is now Skinnier Mark Mangino.

According to the Lawrence Journal-World, Mark has a healthier outlook on life. It seems like the guy is actually happy being back at his alma mater with less pressure and the chance to spend time with his grandchildren.

“I don’t know my peak weight, maybe it was because I didn’t want to face it,” Mangino said. “I started working out, watching what I was eating and doing different things probably six, eight weeks before I ever checked my weight. I can tell you that having weighed in the 28th or 29th of August, I was down 127 pounds (from about a year ago).”

Youngstown State is 5-1 (ranked #16 in the FCS) and the team is averaging 39 points a game; the only loss was to Michigan State.


Mark’s (@KeepSawinWood) neck has reemerged.



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