British Raiders Fan Gets Naked, Tasered At Airport [PHOTOS]

British Raiders Fan Tasered LEAD

A 52-year-old man in an Oakland Raiders t-shirt deplaned, stripped naked and then got Tasered at Manchester Airport in England last week.

No wonder the Oakland Raiders announced on Wednesday that they’d play a “home’ game at Wembley Stadium in London in 2014: they found out they already have an overseas fan base!

The guy apparently got into an altercation on the EasyJet flight from Malta, and the captain had to chill him out. A witness gave the Manchester Evening News the details:

“He must have been drunk because when he came off the plane, he took his top off and shouted ‘come on then’ in a Manchester accent and was trying to get the captain to fight him. … Then he carried on taking all his clothes off. I have no idea why. The woman he was with gave him a slap for it.”

Video of the incident shows the British man staggering over to the pilot, getting slapped in the face by the woman and then losing the bikini bottoms to let his Little Al Davis just flap in the wind, baby.

The Raiders’ fan then got dressed and headed into the terminal, but he was still unruly enough when police arrived that they had to Taser him.

Drunk? Nudity? Tasers? Sounds like the UK already has all the makings of its own “Black Hole.” We can’t imagine your garden variety soccer hooligan rooting for any other American football team.

[H/T: Manchester Evening News and @edsbs]

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