Miami Heat Dancers In Bikinis At Dominican Republic Poster Shoot [PHOTOS]

Miami Heat Dancers 4

While LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the rest of the Miami Heat have been busy making fools of themselves for the team’s new pre-game hype video, the new Miami Heat Dancers, whom we introduced you to in August, recently traveled to the Dominican Republic for a poster shoot.

You know what that means: Heat Dancers! Bikinis! Plantains!

The Heat Dancers bikini poster shoot went down in late September. The Dominican Republic was certainly a much better international pre-season destination than Manchester, England, where the Sixers played the Thunder on Tuesday. The Phones 4U Arena? Please.

Check the gallery below for Heat Dancers in bikinis, as well as shots from the dance team finals and other dance team functions. You’ll notice no smoke machines, but plenty of smokeshows. The Heat starts its 2013-14 season at home against the Bulls on Oct. 29.