Iowa State Wrestler Caught Taking A Leak In Sports Bar’s Beer Tub

Trent Weatherman LEAD

Iowa State wrestler Trent Weatherman had an interesting weekend. Police say the 157-pound senior Cyclone not only got drunk on Saturday, but he also urinated in an empty beer tub in the basement of an Iowa City sports bar. (Yes, Iowa City is the hometown of rival Iowa; Iowa State is located in Ames.)

Police said while Weatherman was in the basement (at the Sports Column), he urinated in an empty beer tub. Officers approached Weatherman, who smelled strongly of alcohol and showed other signs of intoxication.

Drunk and needing to pee is bad, but in the beer tub? Awful violation, dude. It’s like peeing in the sink. Worse, even.

Even if the tub was empty, odds are Weatherman would find himself back at the same bar next weekend — it’s not like Iowa City has 153 sports bars to choose from — so he was really trusting the staff’s cleaning habits (or committing hard to draft beer).

Turns out, It’s not the first time Weatherman has had issues around errant pissing, per his Twitter:

Thanks @D_saack for pissing all over my shoes.

— Trent Weatherman (@trentweatherman) July 7, 2013

Anyway, he already pleaded guilty and paid a fine of $100.

Also, how the hell did Trent Weatherman not go into meteorology? Instant star. He could wrestle dudes dressed as cold fronts and super cells.

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Photo: @trentweatherman