Steve Spurrier Thanks Jadeveon Clowney For Selling Jerseys, Making Money For School

The Old Ball Coach had some more interesting comments (via @rwood_SC) today regarding Jadeveon Clowney and his situation at South Carolina. And by interesting, we mean that OBC thanked Clowney for selling t-shirts and making millions for the university.

Steve Spurrier, who has long called for college athletes to get paid, seems ready for the end of this Clowney circus.

As you can see in the Gamecocks team shop, Clowney’s jersey is the first one that pops up. It has been estimated that Clowney is worth more than $2 million to South Carolina, according to a September report from South Carolina’s Post and Courier.

Add it all up — jersey sales, ad revenue, etc. — and Clowney might be generating $3 million for South Carolina this year, and Boyd $2.5 million for Clemson.

“I would place these two players, both future NFL draftees on top college football revenue teams, to well exceed $2 million annually for their school, all things considered,” said Dr. Robert Brown, a professor of Economics at the University of California at San Marcos who has been studying college athlete values for more than 20 years. “In my opinion, this is a somewhat conservative estimate.”

The guy obviously doesn’t want to give up his #1 overall body to the school for free. How can you blame him? Millions and security for life vs. an offensive lineman aiming for your knees? You make the call.

By the way, this guy wears sleeveless Under Armour shirts to dinner. If he doesn’t want to play for free I’m not telling him to play.

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