Oklahoma State Fan Gets Shirtless, Ray Lewis-Trent Dilfer Get Close & Koufax


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So I was talking yesterday to longtime BC superfan Trevor in Nevada about Monday night’s Chargers-Raiders game that started at 11:35 EST. He stopped at the Red Rock Casino sportsbook to watch the game and told me that there were 80 people deep at the betting windows. There was a huge crowd.

Lesson: you give Vegas an 8:35 kickoff and people are going to lose their minds.

I remember going to Vegas a couple years ago for AFC/NFC Championship weekend and the games were over at 7 PST. That’s tough to handle for sports bettors who need that constant fix.

You’d think that the late start time would kill the TV rating. Wrong. According to Sports Business Daily’s Austin Karp, “Despite late start, NFL Net’s Chargers-Raiders wasnt net’s low audience ever. Same game 2008 has that mark: 1.3 rating/1.9 million viewers.”

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