Easily The Best Kate Upton & Snoop Hot Pockets Video – EVER!


For those of you waiting around for Kate Upton to go on a Hot Pockets trip with Snoop and ride on DOGG’s spaceship, the day has come. The video is out. Stoners and dudes who can’t get enough of Kate’s giant boobs finally have middle ground.

Before we go any further, let me remind you that Kate Upton wasn’t born when Biz Markie released “Just a Friend”  in 1989. She wasn’t born until 1992. Chew on that Hot Pocket.

As for the Pockets, let’s hope Kate isn’t pounding too many of those caloric monsters after 7 p.m. Her beer belly can’t take too many more unneeded carbs.

(Biz Markie turns 50 next year.)

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