Charles Barkley Went Hard During Ole Miss-Auburn Weekend

Charles Barkley Went Hard During Ole Miss-Auburn Weekend

Our boy Charles Barkley turned in another stellar performance over the weekend in Auburn, Alabama for the Ole Miss weekend. From what we can tell, Chuck had himself a bar night on Friday and seemed to go pretty hard. Then, on gameday, Chuck did the tailgating circuit where he started getting sweaty early and was a mess by kickoff.

Auburn beat Ole Miss, 30-22, so Chuck was in a good mood and reportedly decided to buy out the bar with shots. Shots for everyone.

The “Round Mound of Rebound” has been on quite a run. You might remember last week when we showed you Chuck getting lose during a late September basketball weekend. The guy will gladly drink with common folk, take photos with you and buy your broke ass shots.

A 50-year-old legend:

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