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American Airlines Wants To Solve Matt Flynn’s Flying Issues

Customer service seems to be everything to the fine folks at American Airlines. They take social media very seriously and will do Twitter searches to make sure customers are satisfied with their journey on the eagle.

So it shouldn’t come as a shock that last night American Airlines wanted to help solve free agent QB Matt Flynn’s flying issues.


After looking through @AmericanAir tweets, it’s clear that pretty much anyone can get a comment from these idiots. They’ll even apologize for the music on your flight.

As for Flynn, it looks like his career is over. Will he be able to get a job if Matt McGloin took his job with the Raiders? Not likely. Don’t cry for the guy, because he’ll still get $6.5 million guaranteed this season even if he’s sitting on his ass in some Buffalo Wild Wings watching the NFL Ticket.

[via CBS Sports]

Never forget:


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