Watch David Ortiz Kill Baseballs With An Aluminum Bat In BP [VIDEOS]

David Ortiz certainly doesn’t need help to hit a baseball really far. Just ask David Price.

Big Papi does like to show off sometimes, though. He tweeted last week that he was using an aluminum bat during batting practice at Fenway Park. You can see video of the carnage above.

Papi also brought the weapon on the road with him for batting practice in St. Petersburg when the ALDS moved to Florida for Monday’s Game 3 (6:07 p.m. EST on TBS). Ortiz resumed crushing baseballs with the Marucci bat (all to a “Blurred Lines” soundtrack).

Maybe this is all a mid-life crisis? When Papi was reminded after Friday’s game that he was turning 38, he served up some attitude:

“Thirty-eight, my ass,” he said. “I’m 21. You see me swing that [expletive]? I swing that [expletive] like I’m 20.”

No argument.

[H/T: Marucci]