Tigers – A’s ALDS Game 3: Empty Champagne Bottles & Playoff Mullets

Tigers As ALDS Game 3 LEAD


BC chief Joe Kinsey is at Comerica Park in Detroit for Game 3 of the American League Divisional Series between the Tigers and the A’s. He’ll probably be the fan leading the mass booing of umpire C.B. Bucknor by game’s end. You can follow the game action here.

Joe’s already found a few interesting things available for sale at the ballpark today. It turns out that the Tigers saved the popped corks and empty bottles from the champagne they used to celebrate clinching the American League Central title against the Twins on Sept. 26 and they are selling them (see gallery).

That’s a pretty serious money grab. If you can get $25 for an empty champagne bottle and $5 for a cork from the team’s celebration of its third straight division title, just think what you can get for a cup with Miguel Cabrera’s backwash in it…boggles the mind.

There was also a dude with a killer mullet and another guy in a Tigger Tigers suit. We’ll have more sights from Detroit as Joe sends them along.