Katherine Webb & Dee Dee Bonner Went Clubbing This Weekend? [PHOTOS]

Katherine Webb Dee Dee Bonner Club LEAD FULL

Katherine Webb and Dee Dee Bonner, A.J. McCarron’s mom, have become BFFs. The two ladies went out on the town in Tuscaloosa this weekend, presumably after watching McCarron and Alabama shellack Georgia State 45-0.

What’s next – a Webb-Bonner Carl’s Jr. commercial?

Imagine the guys trying to spit game at Webb or Bonner? You know it happens. Guys have zero shame; they always think they’ll be the exception.

Those rumors that Webb and McCarron had broken up seem increasingly inaccurate as Webb and Bonner keep popping up in public together (and she keeps kissing McCarron before and after games).

If the couple had split, Webb would be considered a candidate for a restraining order at this point.

[Photos: @DeeDeeBonner and Instagram.com/_katherinewebb]