Buy This Pimped Out 1975 Airstream Texans Trailer For $125,000



Game over. I’ve now seen the coolest tailgating Airstream in the NFL tailgating game. Bonus: you can actually buy this Airstream on eBay. The San Antonio seller has a starting bid of $75,000 (or $125,000 if you want it today) for this tricked out 1975 trailer with a custom paint scheme and one of the coolest clubs on the inside that you’ll ever see.

In fact, I’m not sure I’d want to go to the game if I had this trailer. I’m pretty sure I’d just park it in my driveway, call up a couple buddies and tell them to bring a keg.

You get:

  • 50″ Flat Screen HD TV
  • 32″ Fat Screen HD TV
  • Custom Vinyl Upholstery
  • Hidden Liquor Cabinet
  • Small Bar with hand wash sink
  • (2) Small undercounter refrigerators
  • (1) Kegerator
  • Special Interior Lighting
  • 3M Exterior Wrap and Clear Gloss Laminate with Houston Texans colors and logo
  • Stereo Sound Bar with Subwoofer

Is this worth at least $75,000? Probably not, but some rich oil dude out there will throw a couple paychecks down for this piece of pride. All you need to do is bring your own toilet.

Are you looking to create one of these Airstream clubs with your own team’s paint scheme? A 1975 Airstream that’s in great condition will run you in the neighborhood of $21,5000.

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