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#RideWithRovell For 600 Seconds – FOR FREE!

Are you in Evanston, Illinois today and need a ride from A-to-B? The fine folks from @Uber_CHI want to give you a 10-minute ride with none other than our old friend Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) – for FREE! What the hell is Uber? It’s a smartphone app that connects users with reliable transportation options. Like you care.

How to #RideWithRovell:

To gain Darren Rovell request access, simply text the promo code ROVELL to 827-222 or sign up for Uber here

Fire up your Uber app on Friday 10/4 between 2:00pm-4:00pm in Evanston, tap the Rovell icon, and request a #RideWithRovell!

According to Uber:

  • No cost to request Rovell
  • Coverage area for Darren Rovell requests will be in and around the Northwestern campus in Evanston
  • Each ride will last around 10 minutes. We’ll end the ride at that time, and take a picture of you and Darren
  • Extra vehicles will be available after your ride to ensure you get back to your request location

Quick math: you’ll get 600 seconds with Rovell; 10 minute car ride for Free = FREE!

All the fun can be found on #RideWithRovell.


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