RG3 Is So Cornball That He Spent A Day Off At Outlet Mall



I’m not sure whether this is some sort of PR stunt from Adidas or if RG3 and his wife really spent Thursday at the Williamsburg, Virginia outlet mall. I’m leaning towards the latter because this guy is just that kind of cornball. Also, if it was a PR stunt, his reps would’ve released at least one promo photo to thousands of media outlets. We’ve seen nothing.

That tells us that RG3, on a bye week, went shopping at an outlet for a brand that he represents. The guy could literally call up Adidas and order 10 of everything and they’d deliver it in an hour.

Nope, this guy goes right to the outlet where idiots are bin diving for $10 scratch and dent basketball shorts.

Man of the people.

From the little guys at the fudge shop, to the girl working at the sunglasses shop, to the kid slinging shoes at Adidas to billionaire Dan Snyder – RG3 is there for you.


RG3-Outlets-1 RG3-Outlets-2 RG3-Outlets-3

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