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morning twitpics

The Cleveland Browns have a 51% chance of making the playoffs. So much for getting Teddy Bridgewater in the Draft. If you’re a Browns fan, be careful what you wish for. The QB situation is still shit, and I’m not seeing many wins left on the schedule.

• Dusty Baker is out as the Reds skipper.

• I’m happy to see Mack Brown save his career last night in Ames, Iowa with a 31-30 win. Remember when Texas would go to Iowa State and be favored by 35? Now Mack uses the Cyclones to prove he can still coach.

• Don’t sleep on UCLA. They’re just going about their business at and beat Utah on the road last night. The Utes QB had 6 INTs. The Bruins are 4-0 and #12 in the nation with a nice out-of-conference win at Nebraska. Meanwhile, Ohio State is ranked #4. Makes sense, right?

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