Carly Lauren, Playboy’s Miss October 2013, Is A Fresno State & Derek Carr Fan



Carly Lauren is ambitious. Just because the 23-year-old from Madera, Calif. was named Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for October 2013, doesn’t mean she’ll rest on her lovely laurels.

“I know Playmates travel a lot, so I am looking forward to that. I’d love to do more acting. …I also just graduated (from Fresno State), so I want to use my (business) degree and open a few businesses,” Lauren said from Frenso, Calif on Friday morning.

“Nothing is off the table.”

Discovered by Playboy by way of her scalding hot Instagram profile, Lauren is already an experienced actress and model. She has appeared on “Rules of Engagement” and “Suburgatory,” and hopes to do movie work in the future.

She talked to us about being hit on by athletes, her dreams of becoming a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and the drawbacks of SnapChat.

Playboy found you on Instagram. Tell us the story of a picture you’ve taken of yourself that was too racy for Insty.

I’ve only been reported one or two times. I always make sure the right parts are covered. It’s difficult sometimes…I’ve definitely taken personal photos that were too revealing for Instagram. I don’t want to post anything that will get me suspended or banned.

Now that you are a Playmate, which celebrities/athletes have you met? Who has been hitting on you?

I actually have had two athletes hit on me, but I don’t want to say their names. One is in the UFC, and one plays football.

You can’t say who they were?

I don’t want to embarrass them; I turned them both down.

As Miss October, you’ll be the reigning Playmate on Halloween. What’s the hottest costume you’ve ever worn?

I was a Cowboys cheerleader one year, so that was pretty hot. I was also a Playboy Bunny. That was another very hot look.

Did you grow up a Cowboys fan in 49ers country?

They were just one of the teams I grew up with. I always wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Once I got older, I didn’t do cheer; I did gymnastics instead.

You graduated from Fresno State. What’s the sports scene like there?

The football team wasn’t good for most of the years when I was a student, but they are doing well this year. I’ve gone to a few games. It’s a fun time.

Hotter Carr: David or Derek?

Definitely Derek. He is actually married to one of my friends from way back. They are a cute couple.

You mentioned on Twitter last week that your SnapChat account was “interesting.” Can you explain what you meant without violating a confidence? Is there an implied acknowledgment that people will sext you on there?

I was being sarcastic. I have a few girlfriends that will send me sexy videos on there. Guys will send snaps, but they aren’t as, uh, photogenic as the girls. Sometimes, I don’t even want to open them, because you never know what you’re going to see….Actually, you know, you don’t always want to see it, though.

The October 2013 issue of Playboy featuring Carly Lauren as Playmate of the Month is on newsstands and at now.

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