Did Haha Clinton-Dix Use Loan Money To Buy A Watch For A Chick?



By now you know that Alabama stud safety Haha Clinton-Dix has been suspended from the team for taking a loan less than $500 from an assistant strength coach. The coach, ironically, had connections to an agent. Dix reportedly paid back the money.

What does a guy like Clinton-Dix use that cash for? Life?

Maybe he used it to buy some chick a watch.

@jamwithani posted this Insty:

Y’all, I’m the luckiest girl ever. Thank youuu @haha_cd6  #HappyValentinesDay

That’s a Michael Kors watch. Obviously it could be fake. Looking at the prices for Kors’ watches, this could run in the $200 range. Seems like a nice gift for a guy who needed loans.

Maybe Jami was just joking around.

We’d like to go back and look at Haha’s (@HaHa_CD6) tweets around Valentine’s Day, but his account goes from a Dec. 23 2012 tweet to September 23, 2013 tweets.



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