Bama Redneck In Dale Jarrett NASCAR Shirt Leads Police On 110 MPH Chase




Goddamn nothing gets my juices pumping like a good old fashioned police chase in Alabama. It reminds me of Dukes of Hazzard and Smokey and the Bandit.

Rednecks hauling ass. Dirt flying. Bachman Turner Overdrive pumping through the 6X9s. 40s in paper bags. Trucker hats. Dale Jarrett t-shirts.

Wait, what? Dale Jarrett shirt? Yes.

Our Alabama sources sent us this police report for the arrest of James Latham:

On 09/30/2013 at approximately 8:30 PM, Morgan County Central Dispatch received a call from Officer Demetruis Hightower. Officer Hightower advised he was off duty and just witnessed the Unlawful Breaking and Entering a vehicle in the parking lot of TJMax located at 1708 Beltline Rd. SW.

Officer Hightower advised a white male who he identified as James Keith Latham just broke into a white Lincoln Town car and fled from the scene. Officer Hightower followed Latham as he was on the phone with dispatch advising of their direction of travel.

Decatur Police Patrol units were able to locate Latham and attempted to initiate a traffic stop. Latham refused to stop and led officers on a high speed pursuit into Lawrence County, AL at speeds exceeding 110 MPH.

As a result of the pursuit Latham drove to the dead end of a construction site on Alabama Hwy 20 where he surrendered and was able to be taken into custody by Officer Zachary Blanton. Subsequent to the investigation on, 10/01/2013, Det. Matt Young charged

Latham with one count of Unlawful Breaking and Entering a Vehicle. Latham was processed into the Decatur City Jail and will be transferred to the Morgan County Jail in lieu of a $2,500.00 Bond.

I can hear the BTO right now.

We rented a truck and a semi to go
Travel down the long and winding road
Look on the map I think we’ve been here before,
Close the doors let’s roll once more.

Cop on the corner, look he’s startin’ to write
I don’t need no ticket so I screamed out of sight,
Drove so fast that my eyes can’t see,
Look in the mirror is he still followin’ me?

Let it roll down the highway
Let it roll down the highway,
Roll, roll.


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