Craig Sager Pounds Cold One After Pirates Win, Pirates Bikini & Sad Reds Dog

Craig Sager Pounds Cold One After Game, Pirates Bikini & Sad Reds Dog

As a Reds fan it’s always hard to see the season end, but if your team is going to lose and you run a sports site, it’s awesome to lose to the Pirates. Why? Because now these crazy animal fans have at least four more games to lose their f-ing minds.

Think about it: Pittsburgh fans know the Steelers are finished for the year so the Pirates are all they have. Balls to the walls against the Cardinals.

We’re anxiously waiting on news where Craig Sager will be working during the Divisional Series. He looked awfully comfortable in Pittsburgh where he pounded a cold one at Dominic’s Famous Deli and Bottle Shop after the Pirates victory. You throw this guy into that city for a few nights and there are going to be epic stories to be told.

Do the right thing, TBS.

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