Cleveland Indians Fans Looking For Dates To Wild Card Game


Are you a chick who hasn’t been able to score a ticket to tonight’s Cleveland Indians game? Are you perfectly fine going to a historic game at Jacobs Field (or whatever they call it) with a stranger you met on Craigslist? Are you cool with sleeping with a guy who took you to the Rays-Indians game?

You’re in luck because there are men on Craigslist looking to treat you to the night of your life.

Subject #1 (m4w):

I am looking for a female to go to the Indians game with me tomorrow. I had a girl to go, but she keeps talking that she don’t want to stay the whole game. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME. The Indians can get into the ALDS and play Boston, and she wanted to leave by 9.

If you are around 35 or so and would love to see the game from great seats. (behind the Indians dugout) send me a pic (face pic) but if it can be also of the entire body, that would be great. I would like you to be hwp, and I can get fooled with just a head shot.

I am pretty good looking and in shape.

If you’d like to go early and stop and catch a drink, that would be great also. If you’d like to catch the casino after and a hotel room, that would be the great est.

Of course, that might have to be determined during the night. I might be a hog and lying.  But if you’d like to chance it with at least the game, send me a note with your pic please. I will pic tomorrow morning.

Oh yea, tell me why you want to go, and how much a fan you are.

Seems like a decent guy who even says he’s pretty good looking and in shape. You know that’s a lie or he wouldn’t be looking for a date on Craigslist. You’ve been warned.

Subject #2 (m4w – 42):

Hello, I am looking for A beautiful woman 20-35 looking to be wined and dined Wed at Hyde Park Steakhouse and then to the Indians playoff game.. tickets behind Indians Dugout.. I am a visiting Businessman 42 who will be in town for all the Playoff games if the Indians win.

Send a picture and phone or email address if interested. Thank You

He’ll be in town for all the games? So he works for Progressive? MLB executive? Your move ladies; you better jump all over this one. Dugout tickets? OMFG!!