15 Best Samantha Glo Photos – Miami Heat & Penn State Fan



I received an email from a Samantha Glo earlier this week; the email included seven bikini photos. Samantha had just finished a photo shoot and was excited to get them on the Internet. She wondered if Busted would post them.

Um, of course.

This 20-year-old bikini model is originally from Philly, but now she lives in Miami. “I am a big basketball fan and big Heat fan,” Samantha (@samanthagloxo) tells us, hence the Heat bikini photos in the gallery. Ms. Glo says that she worked at Marlins Park this summer and met a few of her favorite players. “It was an awesome experience. Miami is a major city, but it is actually fairly small, and you run in to players of all teams at different spots around the city,” she said.

Glo’s other love is Penn State football and tells us she’ll be in State College for the Michigan game.

Of course we’re already working on getting her to do a few Penn State photos for you guys. After all this football team has gone through it’s the least we can do.

Stay tuned.

[Samantha Glo – Instagram]   [Samantha Glo – Facebook]

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