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Jessie James & Eric Decker Worry About Poop Glittering On Wedding Day

The Eric Decker-Jessie James reality show “Eric & Jessie: Game On” premiered on E! on Sunday just hours after Decker and the Broncos demolished the Eagles in Denver. The pregnant James switched from WAG mode to TV star mode very quickly, tweeting away at fans during the show.

The clip above didn’t make the show, but it captured James and Decker trying cake samples prior to their wedding. During the sampling, James quietly asked Decker if their poop will glitter after eating a cupcake with glitter on it. Decker asked the cake lady.

Spoiler Alert: It will, as the all-business cake consultant explained to them.


It’s entirely understandable that a bride would worry about pooping glitter on her wedding day. If anything, it should be a selling point for wedding planners: “Even Your Poop Will Shimmer.”

Why do we think this clip totally would have made the show better? Just a feeling. Step it up E!

[H/T: @TheJessicaJames]

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