This Week In Bama Fan Arrests: Meth Bust & A Tider Passed Out At Sonic


Our Alabama tipsters sent word tonight of two Bama fan arrests that stand out because both alleged criminals are proudly wearing their Bama gear.

First up we have a traffic stop Saturday in Decatur, AL. There’s no word if this happened before or after the Ole Miss shutout.

According to police:

SYNOPSIS OF OFFENSE & ARREST: On September 28, 2013 Officers Jordan Pace and Jeremy Caffee with the Decatur Police Department’s Patrol Division conducted a traffic stop on a black Chevrolet Suburban for speeding and suspected driving under the influence on Hwy 67 in the city limits of Decatur. Officers approached the vehicle and identified the driver as Randy Teague and the passenger as Ricky Teague.

Officer Pace had Randy exit the vehicle and perform field sobriety tests. After the tests, Randy gave officers consent to search the vehicle. During their search, officers located a small quantity of methamphetamine inside the vehicle. Randy was found to be in possession of the methamphetamine. Randy Teague was arrested for Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance.

That’s Randy pictured looking all bummed out. Nothing ruins gameday like getting sent to jail for meth.

Our second arrest happened September 25 in Decatur. The key to this one is where Jonathan Paul Grantland was arrested.

Jonathan Paul Grantland

According to police:

On 09/25/13 victim, Davis reported his vehicle broken into missing from the vehicle was his wallet. He first noticed the vehicle broken into around 5:30am. He pulled his bank statement up shortly after finding his vehicle broken into on his phone and saw that his debit card that was in his wallet had been used at a gas station. He spoke with the clerk at the gas station who was able to give him a description of the vehicle the suspect(s) were in. Davis was familiar with the vehicle and showed the Police where the suspect vehicle’s owner lived.

Det. Sparks was assigned the case and responded to the suspect’s residence and made contact with the suspect identified as Jonathan Grantland. Grantland was transported to the Decatur Police Dept. voluntarily and questioned about the incident then released at approx. 2:15pm. Grantland did not have a ride home and left the Police Dept. walking.

Morison reported his vehicle stolen from his residence between the hours of 2:00pm and 3:30pm from his residence on 8th St. SW.  Grantland was later apprehended by the Hartselle Police passed out in the driver’s seat of Morison’s stolen vehicle at the Hartselle Sonic.  He was arrested for non-related charges by the HPD and later questioned by Det. Harris in regards to Morison’s vehicle.

Det. Sparks charged Grantland with 1 ct. of B&E, 3 cts. Of Fradulent Use of a credit card, and 1 ct of Theft of Property 1st was booked into the Decatur City Jail and later transferred to the Morgan Co. Jail in lieu of a $27,000.00 CASH bond.