Roger Clemens Sings ‘Play That Funky Music’ At Houston Birthday Party

What was Roger Clemens up to this weekend? Oh, not much besides singing Wild Cherry’s classic “Play that funky music” at a party Saturday night in Houston. According to the video uploader, the woman on stage with Rocket is Dominique Sachse, a Houston TV anchor at the NBC affiliate.

What kind of party was this? We’ll let a party-goer explain the situation:

I’m in Houston at a friends bday party Clemens was a birthday present from one of his friends! Great night man he hung out for 2 1/2 hours!

I hope that means what it sounds like it means: Roger was hired to hang at a birthday party at Houston’s Hotel Derek.

And he wore a visor.

And he got on stage to entertain.

Is Roger now being hired out like a stripper?

That’s a guy who made $150,601,000 during his MLB career.