Lauren Tannehill Is The Best Thing About The Dolphins Not Sucking [PHOTOS]


Lauren Tannehill With Her Brother

The Miami Dolphins will travel to New Orleans tonight for a surprising battle of unbeaten teams on Monday Night Football. Since it’s a road game for Miami, chances are that Lauren Tannehill, the lovely wife of Dolphins’ quarterback Ryan Tannehill, won’t be in attendance.

And that sucks. It’s a huge loss for the MNF broadcast team, but it’s a bigger loss for horndogs watching at home. Lauren Tannehill is one of the best things about the Dolphins’ return to NFL relevance. She and Ryan give the broadcasters a fresh angle to milk.

With Miami playing well, game announcers can talk about how Tannehill is the under-the-radar quarterback from the NFL Draft class of 2012, instead of Dan Marino or the ’72 Dolphins.

And cameras can find Lauren in the stands, because they always do. She knows how to keep fans’ attention away from the game, too. She painted her ring finger with football laces before last week’s win over Atlanta.

Dolphins-Saints is set for an 8:40 p.m. (EST) kickoff tonight on ESPN.

[Photos: and @LaurenTannehill]

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