Bernie Kosar’s DUI Mugshot


Bernie Kosar was arrested early Sunday morning on a DUI charge after Solon, Ohio cops smelled alcohol coming from his car. Am I shocked? Not a bit, but it’s yet another sad situation for Bernie. This morning, the Cleveland Plain Dealer broke down the incidents that are piling up on Kosar’s resume. Many of these have been documented here.

He has occasionally slurred his words and appeared intoxicated in public and during interviews, but has attributed many of his problems to multiple concussions he suffered as an NFL quarterback. Earlier this year, he sought the help of a Florida doctor who specializes in helping athletes who have suffered from concussions, and reported feeling better.

We’ve been told time and time again that Bernie’s not drunk, he’s just slurring his words. We were told that after he seemed bombed during an interview last December. Then there was the incident during the preseason when he went off on the parents of Rams wide receivers.

And then there is the whole thing where Bernie’s daughter spent most of 2011 as a porn actress. We’re also efforting to see if Bernie is still dating Tami Longaberger, the heir to the basket fortune.

You try living that life. Let’s all stop acting like Bernie doesn’t enjoy a drink here and there. That slur isn’t always due to concussion syndrome.

Still, there’s no excuse for Bernie to be driving drunk.

2010 Bernie hits a motorcycle cop:



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