19 Best Photos Of Jenni Burns – Ohio State Fan

I left Joe Student in charge for the weekend while I was in Tahoe running the Tough Mudder and he goes out and finds Playboy chick Jenni Burns (@Jenni_Burns), who just happens to be an Ohio State fan and poses for Playboy and is a Cybergirl. That means she gets her own post.

At first I was skeptical that she was an actual fan. Some of these hot chicks get roped into college football by their boyfriends and they’ll wear whatever shirt he recommends because he’s dreamy, has a massive line of credit on his American Express and pays the car payments.

Not Jenni, she’s a real fan. Example, from Saturday:

I cannot explain my frustration over missing the @OhioStFootball game tonight! It starts around the time I board. Go figure.

And from the Florida A&M game:

34-0 after the first quarter.. That’s all. #ohiostate

And earlier in the year:

Watching @OhioState makes me love today! They’re just SO good!

Your move, Michigan.

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