Yasiel Puig Wore A Gumby Costume During Dodgers Rookie Hazing [PHOTOS]


Gumby Puig and Vin Scully

Yasiel Puig may have changed the Los Angeles Dodgers’ fortunes this season, but that doesn’t mean the National League West champs won’t throw his ass in a Gumby costume as part of traditional rookie hazing on their last road trip of the regular season.

Yes, Puig was forced to dress as Gumby as the team left San Francisco Thursday night bound for L.A.

Puig got off easy: fellow rookie Hyun-Jin Ryu was given a toasty Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume, and Scott Van Slyke was made to dress as a sexy nurse. At least we think they made him dress that way.

We imagine it’s a lot easier to dress in funny costumes when you know you are headed to the post-season. Astros and Marlins rookies probably didn’t have as much fun as Puig, Ryu and company did during hazing, but that was the case for most of the season.

[H/T: @Dodgers | Instagram.com/puigyasiel]

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