Vikings Cheerleaders Only NFL Team Worth Watching In London This Weekend [PHOTOS]


Vikings Cheerleaders London LEAD

Thank God for the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders, otherwise British fans would have zero incentive to watch Minnesota (0-3) take on Pittsburgh (0-3) at Wembley Stadium on Sunday.

This might be the worst game the NFL has ever held overseas. Great job, Goodell.

We’re sure British fans can’t wait to see the incompetent Steelers offense against the porous Vikings defense. They’ll probably start broadcasting a soccer game on the video board by halftime.

In advance of the game, the Vikings cheerleaders have spent the past few days wrecking the johnsons of British dudes by prancing around London streets, posing on the Millennium Bridge, dancing in the Shard Tower and stopping by Niketown (?) … that last one is right up there with the changing of the guard and tea and crumpets as Brit traditions go, right?

Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota is on CBS at 1 p.m. EST on Sunday.


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