Forget Lane Kiffin, Pat Haden Should Fire Whoever Picked Out His Glasses


The USC football program has already suffered a loss this week, and the Trojans haven’t played yet. See, USC athletic director Pat Haden asked to meet with the NCAA after the association reduced penalties against Penn State because… wait…

Are you kidding me with those glasses, Pat Haden?

No wonder the NCAA didn’t take you seriously and turned down SC’s appeal to reduce the penalties assessed against the program in 2010 in the wake of the Reggie Bush investigation.

NO ONE would take you seriously when you look like a cross between Sally Jessy Raphael and Rachel Maddow.

It’s not that the glasses are effeminate; who cares? That is the most ridiculous shade of red ever. Russell Westbrook probably even thinks you look silly, and not just because he went to UCLA.

You can’t even blame this one on Lane Kiffin. #fireoptician

Anyway, it was total weak sauce for Haden and USC to try to essentially reason to the NCAA that since Penn State’s charges were reduced — and they had a child molester in their program, after all — that ‘SC should catch a break, too.

“There is no comparison between USC and Penn State,” the NCAA said Friday. “USC’s appeal was denied, and there is no further consideration being given.”

The Trojans visit Arizona State in Tempe on Saturday night (10:30 p.m. EST — ESPN2). Let’s hope the alumni get Haden some new frames by then.

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