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Larisa Fraser Still Getting Into Bikinis Before Wedding To Ryan Braun

Larisa Fraser, being the good fiancée of disgraced Ryan Braun, has released a pre-wedding bikini photo for her future meal ticket and the rest of us losers who appreciate a beautiful woman in a bikini. The couple are in the final stages of wedding preparation; Larisa has had two bridal showers.

BC already sent the couple a honey dipper gift for the December 7 wedding.

Meanwhile, Braun has been staying busy doing the charity thing to try to rebuild his brand in Milwaukee. The Brewers owe him $113 million so plan on seeing this cheater doing his best to do nice things over the next couple months.

I’m still trying to figure out why Fraser is still getting into bikinis. She’s marrying into a guy who has a nine-figure fortune guaranteed. Is he the kind of asshole who says she has to have a career? Did he make her sign a brutal pre-nup that puts her on a puny salary?

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