Johnny Manziel & Uncle Nate Resurface With Slim Thug At The Weeknd Show


Where do I start here? With Uncle Nate resurfacing on Team Manziel? With Johnny Football resurfacing on the music scene? With Slim Thug (far left)? With The Weeknd (the other guy)?

It seems that JFF flew under the radar Tuesday night at The Weeknd (some Canadian R&B/rap dude) show in Houston when Uncle Nate and Heisman rubbed elbows backstage with Houston’s Slim Thug (newest single is titled Fuc Tha Police).


It’s a prison built every minute
And the white folks try to keep us niggas in there
We ain’t having that bullshit no more, we gonna reach that limit
I got guns, we got guns, so fuck the prison sentence!
Nigga, fuck the police!

To be honest, I’m getting too old to translate exactly who these idiots are and what they are rapping. All we know is that A&M goes on the road Saturday to face Arkansas and the Razorbacks are re-energized under BERT Bielema.

Slim Thug & Heisman

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