D’oh! Benched QB Josh Freeman Featured On This Week’s Buccaneers’ Tickets


Josh Freeman Game Tickets FULL

Remember when quarterback Josh Freeman was a rising young NFL talent? The Tampa Bay Buccaneers marketing department does. They used Freeman on the game tickets for the team’s contest against Arizona this Sunday.

Whoops. Seems like any fans hoping to see Freeman will need to look past the clipboard he will be carrying on the Tampa sideline.

Bucs’ coach Greg Schiano obviously didn’t consult the marketing folks when he announced rookie Mike Glennon will take Freeman’s place on Sunday. Schiano gives zero shits; he’s just trying to keep his job.

Our instinct is that if Glennon can lift Tampa out of the doldrums on offense, fans won’t care if Freeman plays. He’s probably not going to be autographing any of those tickets, though.

[H/T: The Big Lead]

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