Is Aaron Murray’s Mom The Hottest SEC Mom?


Don’t be shocked if CBS cameras find Aaron Murray’s mom, Lauren, in the crowd at some point Saturday during the Bulldogs huge game against LSU (3:30, CBS). If we know anything about college football broadcasts, the producer wants a shot of hot SEC moms in the crowd. Nothing sets off a viral frenzy like CBS or ESPN showing SEC mom after her son throws a huge TD pass.

Lauren Murray is your Dee Dee Bonner (AJ McCarron’s mom) of 2013.

According to, Mrs. Murray checks in at 49 years old. Besides Aaron, she has another son and a daughter.

How Lauren is just now hitting the SEC mom scene is beyond comprehension. Her son has only started for four years. This is usually SEC message board territory that ends up on blogs and then heads into the mainstream media where Verne Lundquist catches wind of the hotness.

We wouldn’t have known about Lauren, but she emailed us last night over some UGA fan’s beef with Aaron. She’s also been outspoken lately on Facebook where she goes after UGA fans for booing, and even asked boring fans to sell their tickets to people on Adderall. Hell yes she looks like a good time. You see her dancing on a bar table below? Aaron Murray’s mom is a party.

Add it all up and she’s going to be a breakout star.

Your move CBS.