Katherine Webb Takes Off Her Top In New Carl’s Jr Ad [VIDEO]

Is having Katherine Webb take off her top a good way to sell burgers? We’re about to find out.

While Webb’s new Carl’s Jr. commercial still isn’t available, the chain just released its own behind-the-scenes account of the making of the spot (not to be confused with Inside Edition’s hard-hitting Webb-Carl’s Jr. expose).

The premise of Webb’s new Carl’s Jr. commercial is pretty much as we’ve assumed: Webb is Miss Alabama, and she’s at a football game when a broadcaster makes a comment about her… fucking incredible idea, guys!

Anyway, after Webb reaches into a Carl’s Jr. bag, she is dropped into a dream sequence which involves her taking off her jersey and eating a burger so voraciously that Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Wing Sauce drips on to her bare legs.

Spoiler alert: Webb thinks the burger tastes amazing.

Joke all you want about this being typecasting, but it’s not like Dick Butkus or the late Bubba Smith dabbled in Shakespeare during their acting careers. Hell, when’s the last time Christian Bale played a character who wasn’t a dark, moody lunatic.

The point is, we’ll try the burger. Will you?