Georgia Fans Pissed At Aaron Murray For Cutting In Line At Restaurant [UPDATE]


Georgia has yet another big game coming up Saturday against #6 LSU and all is not well within the Bulldog Nation. It seems that Aaron Murray has caused a shitstorm in one Bulldog household over his actions after last Saturday’s game against North Texas.

Here is what UGA fan Tracy Smith Phipps wrote on Aaron Murray’s Facebook fan page:

Extremely disappointed in how you treated my son & husband today at Mellow Mushroom. No, they didn’t want an autograph after watching their annual UGA father/son football game (and driving 7 hours, sitting in the rain to do so). They simply wanted you to explain why you are above the rules. Why you and your “posse” commanded several tables when the restaurant has a “No Reservations” policy on game day. Try explaining to a young man about following the rules when one of his idols just broke them, in front of him. In front of many who had waited well over an hour to eat. If this is the type of Bulldog you are, then we’re out. Disgusted!!!

The guy goes out and kicks North Texas’ ass and this is the kind of reaction he gets. Unreal. How dare Tracy write such filth days before what could be Georgia’s biggest roadblock to playing in the SEC Championship game?

Bitch move? I’d say so.

Mellow Mushroom Murray

We tracked down Phipps Facebook account and can confirm that this IS NOT a troll job by LSU fans. Phipps’ account says her family lives in Pittsburgh, hence the 7 hour drive to Athens. The woman also openly shares that she’s a Georgia fan.

As for the Mellow Mushroom, it’s a famous Athens pizza joint that gets three stars on Yelp.

Were you at the Mellow Mushroom when this went down? Tell us all about it. Is Tracy just crazy?

Update: Murray’s mother responded.

Aaron wasn’t even there until much later and has no idea what happened. We put our name on the wait list and when several tables at the front became available the waitress and hostess put them together and told us our table was ready and seated us. ┬áIf Ms. Phelpps has an issue, she should take it up with the restaurant.
Momma Murray

If Georgia tanks Saturday, you can put some of the blame on this lady.