ESPN’s John Anderson: Brett Favre Is Still ‘Retarded’

Retarded…retired…same thing.

Brett Favre turns 44 on October 10, but that doesn’t mean his name can’t get into the mix now and then. The big news this week came when Brett’s agent, Bus Cook, made headlines first in Mississippi when he said  the Gunslinger could still play in the NFL.

Of course the national media, starved for a new angle this fall, started running with this today. Eventually John Anderson at ESPN got tongue tied on retired and retarded.

It happens.

As for Favre, he was spotted today in Hattiesburg shooting a Foot Locker commercial. He looks ready to go if the Vikings want to pull the trigger again.

Welcome to the gun show.

Picture 4

Picture 3

Picture 2


Closer look at the blacksmith pipes: