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Shaq Military Presses California Governor Jerry Brown’s Wife

Shaquille O’Neal made news yesterday when it was revealed that — despite chiding comments in the past and potential conflicts of interests in the future — the former NBA All-Star-turned analyst would become part owner of the Sacramento Kings.

When you make bank like Shaq, you have to spend money on something, right? At least he’s not bankrolling a sequel to “Kazaam” or a another rap album.

Of course, The Big Shaq-remento followed Monday’s news with a media blitz of California’s capital city on Tuesday. In addition to chatting with media, he met Governor Jerry Brown and hoisted Brown’s wife, Anne, over his head.

Poor Governor Moonbeam. Hate to see him cuckolded like that. Thing is, Shaq picks up practically everyone he meets. He’s somehow inherited the legacy of both Wilt Chamberlain AND Andre The Giant.

We just hope dude doesn’t have to offer Kings’ fans piggy-back rides in exchange for buying season tickets. He’s not getting any younger.

[H/T: @nycsouthpaw]

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