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Kendall Fox Sports Girl

Kendall, the Fox Sports Girl of the Week, knows all too well about how crazy the rivalries can be in the gritty NFC North. She says Green Bay fans are more annoying that Bears fans.

“I grew up on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border and the rivalry is pretty epic.  I once had a fully loaded hotdog chucked at my head during a game,” Kendall said.

The teams renew the great rivalry in Minneapolis on October 27. 

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Who is your favorite athlete?

Ricky Rubio. He’s an initiator; he sees the floor like a true point guard should.  With his shooting game picking up, plus Love and Pekovic coming in healthy, we should have a strong power trio this season.

What is your best sports memory?  

The 2002 NCAA Hockey Championship.  Red Wing High School alum Johnny Pohl assisted both the game tying and game winning goals for the Gophers.   The whole town of Red Wing was there and the energy and excitement in the stands was unreal; I’ll never forget it.

What sport would you play professionally if you could?   

I’d play basketball, 100%.  I was a pretty aggressive player, winning awards like the “Blood and Guts Award,” I basically wanted TO BE Diana Taurasi.  Watching Diana, Lindsay Whalen, Sue Bird, and so many other college basketball stars play in the WNBA just makes me want to get back out there.

What’s your earliest memory of being a Vikings fan?   

I have so many memories of throwing on my Randy Moss jersey on Sunday afternoons and screaming at the T.V. with my whole family including my uncles, cousins, and my Grandma. I have a really big, CRAZY, Vikings family.

What’s the best assignment you’ve worked as a Fox Sports Girl?

My favorite event was the Costco Shopping Spree.  We had two minutes to grab as much stuff as we could and everything went to the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities.   We ended up with $11,860 worth of merchandise and the kids were absolutely ecstatic.

What’s it going to take for the Vikings to turn around this 0-3 season?

We’re not capitalizing on turnovers, or stopping teams inside the 2 minute warning, so our preparation and consistency definitely need work.   However, we’ve got plenty of talent on our roster, with the league MVP, the Pro Bowl MVP, a seasoned defensive line, one of the best safeties and strong side linebackers in the league, not to mention our kicker…so I have faith!

More annoying: Packers or Bears fans?

Packers.  I grew up on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border and the rivalry is pretty epic.  I once had a fully loaded hotdog chucked at my head during a game, enough said.

We’ve never been to a Vikings game. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen the fans do during tailgating?

A friend of mine once bet a guy she could throw a football further than him and whoever won walked away with his signed, AP jersey.  Five minutes later she was wearing his XXL jersey and he was wearing her small, v-neck, purple t-shirt.

Besides AP, which member of the Vikings should we be following on Twitter?

Kyle Rudolph (@KyleRudolph82) and Blair Walsh (@BlairWalsh3).  They’re both great go-tos for Vikings info, and all-around good guys.

Ever wanted the Vikings to scrap the Metrodome and play games outside in December?

It’s really, really, REALLY, cold here in the winter, but games on campus at the Bank have such an intense energy because it’s so cold.  I’m a Minnesotan and we know we’re tough. Roof or no roof, we can hack it.

The Vikings are known for having numerous great superfans. Is there one superfan that sticks out as the best of the best?

Syd Davy.  I only know his name because he’s just that awesome.  He’s in the front row of every home game with purple face paint, a Vikings helmet, and a UFC-style belt the says VWO for “Vikings World Order.”  We have the best superfans in the country, but he really stands out.

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