‘F*ck You, Purdue!’ — Wisconsin Fan Takes Acid Trip While Watching Badgers’ Win


Wisconsin BAdgers Acid Photo

Why didn’t Fox Sports 1 think of this? Last Saturday, Wisconsin Badger-Herald writer Dieter von Schröder followed his pseudonym-ed friend, Benicio del Incognito, who had taken two tabs of acid prior to attending the Wisconsin-Purdue game at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison.

We assume Lee Corso does something like this before every College GameDay, but whatever.

According to von Schröder’s post on the school paper’s website, Incognito experienced sensory enhancement and distorted reality, you know, because he was on acid.

“When I was in the bathroom upstairs, I turned the sink on and just stared at the mirror. My face, more or less, at that point, faded away. But the sounds of the water were everywhere. I could feel it washing over me.”

There was also this highlight:

“For a fraction of a moment everything is perfect in the world — the sun shining, the ‘Toy Story’ clouds in the background.”

He quickly turned his attention the field and shouted, “FUCK YOU, PURDUE!”

Most shocking thing: this didn’t happen during the Bret Bielema era. Twenty-fourth ranked Wisconsin beat Purdue, 41-10.

While going to a Big Ten game on acid is commendable, the most notorious psychedelic sports journey was Dock Ellis throwing a no-hitter while on LSD back in 1970.

Beat that, Wisconsin fans.

[H/T: Badgerherald.com]

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