Colts & 49ers Fans Kicked Some Ass Sunday At Candlestick



Sunday was a banner day for 49ers fans. Not only did they get schooled by Andrew Luck and the Colts, but the fans turned in some serious arrest reports. The above fight video isn’t even the worst fan violence of the day, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

A 15-year-old boy was sent to the hospital with a broken arm, broken nose and a concussion. And an attack on one of the Niners’ faithful fans has her considering never returning to the ‘Stick for another game.

The assault on the teen happened early on in the game. Police say a 29-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of beating the teenager for allegedly urinating in his car.


The other attack was on a 49ers blogger for Daisy Barringer says she was attacked by another woman.

As me and my friend were almost at the gates, a Colts fan pushed by me and sent me stumbling. I’m pretty sure it was an accident, but given my crestfallen mood, that didn’t stop me from making a comment. “Jesus. You could have at least said sorry!” The Colts fan did not hear me. However, a drunk 49ers’ fan did. And apparently she thought that was hilarious and the perfect opportunity to act out her frustration. So she ran up to me, laughing manically, and shoulder checked me so hard that I’m still sore today. “What the fuck!!!” I said as I pushed her off of me.

Daisy fought back, the Colts fan fought back even more and it was on. Daisy eventually found security, said she was assaulted and the other woman claimed the same. Cops said they’d take both to jail. Of course Daisy didn’t want that so

My reaction, the push, was to defend myself from her slamming herself into me, but it was also the catalyst for what happened next. It’s a move I will question a lot over the next couple of days.

Instead of backing off, the girl came at me and kicked me in the thigh. Hard. I was in such shock that I did nothing until she and her boyfriend started to run away. “Um, that’s assault,” I said to my friend. And so I followed them while trying to notify security.

And you guys wonder why the Seahawks had undercover cops dressed as 49ers fans in Seattle.

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