Smartass Eastern Kentucky Punter Pulled Off This Rugby Punt-Pass [VIDEO]

Eastern Kentucky punter Jordan Berry revolutionized the fake punt game during his team’s 52-24 win over Morehead State on Saturday. Chip Kelly probably blew a load just watching this highlight.

Up 42-24, but facing a fourth and four, Berry kicked the ball to teammate Trey Thomas behind the line of scrimmage, making it a legal play. Thomas then dove past the first down marker, and the Colonels continued their onslaught on the Eagles.

Apparently the Colonels have practiced this play for years, but decided to attempt it in a blowout.

EKU head coach Dean Hood must be a real hard-ass for wanting to hammer away on an in-state rival like that. We haven’t even seen Pete Carroll do shit like this. Where’s that karma hashtag?


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