Browns Fans Get RV Wrapped With Trent Richardson Just Before Trade

Browns RV Trent Richardson

We received word from from Friend of BC @JoeDooder that there was tragic tailgating news for certain Browns fans: “My parents friend’s Browns RV. Just got it done a few weeks ago. Whoops.”

As you can see, that’s Trent Richardson on the RV wrap.

TKO Graphix estimated in 2012 that it costs between $1,500-$3,000 to wrap a vehicle. Of course an RV would be on the high-end of that scale.

As for what the Browns fans paid, Dooder reported back that all they would say is that “it wasn’t cheap.”

Let this be a lesson, Browns fans, get a Bernie Kosar RV wrap and you’re safe for many years of Muni Lot mayhem.