Sad Michigan Fan Left UConn Happy & Concerned, LSU’s Tribute To Toomer’s Corner & Journey 2011

Did you sit on your ass and watch hours and hours of useless college football on Saturday? Shame on you. You should be ashamed of sitting around on a Saturday when four FBS Top 25 schools scored 70 or more points.

Shame on you if you sat on your ass and cheered when Ohio State had a 55-0 lead at half. Shame on you if you muscled through Michigan State-Notre Dame.

Yesterday had to be one of the most pitiful days of college football that I can remember. There were even huge empty sections at the Colorado State-Bama game. The only good news from Saturday is that there were plenty of non-revenue sports that just got their operating budgets paid for.

I hope the Florida A&M baseball team enjoys their new uniforms.

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