Bears Superfan Anna Colwell Happy With Chicago’s Hot Start [PHOTOS]


Anna Colwell LEAD

You may remember actress/model Anna Colwell as the cute girl who rose to fame via an NFL Red Zone commercial in 2010.

Remember when broadcast platforms featured hot girls in ads instead of the friggin’ Mannings.

Anyway, the Atlanta-based Colwell is a football fan in real life, too — rooting hard for the Georgia Bulldogs and the Chicago Bears. Colwell has been all over the Bears’ 2-0 start, tweeting away during games.

Last week, Colwell hammered Fox for technical issues during the Bears-Vikings broadcast:

Colwell’s tweets are much more interesting than the analysis you’ll get on most TV broadcasts, especially tonight when the Bears travel to Pittsburgh, and the NBC crew will do nothing but talk about Marc Trestman’s hot start in Chicago and Mike Tomlin’s shrinking runway in Pittsburgh.

You’re on notice, NBC. Don’t screw it up tonight.

[H/T: @realannacolwell and]

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