Kate Upton Crushed Jimmy Fallon At Flip Cup [PHOTOS]


Kate Upton Fallon Flip Cup LEAD

Kate Upton stopped by ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ on Friday night. Upton was probably promoting something or another — or Fallon just wanted to feature her in that clingy red dress for Friday night horndogs.

As usual, Fallon didn’t just conduct a boring interview and ask the same questions that everyone else does; he invited Upton to play Flip Cup.

Upton seemed nervous, explaining that because she had never gone to college, she wasn’t as experienced at drinking games as other 21-year-olds (she’s still just 21), but it was a total deke.

Upton housed Fallon 5-1 at Flip Cup, did a celebratory dance and then drank and flipped one of his cups for good measure. We assume that Fallon is turning in his bro card somewhere today.

[H/T: LNJ]

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