Katherine Webb’s Carl’s Jr. Ad: “Uh Oh, I Got It On My Face.” [VIDEO]


Katherine Webb Carls Jr 23

Somehow, Katherine Webb’s Carl’s Jr. ad is still not ready for broadcast, but thankfully Inside Edition jumped all over the filming earlier this month and produced a killer behind-the-scenes clip breaking down Webb’s involvement with the burger chain.

Here’s what happens in the video:

• Webb lists the ingredients in the Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger.
• Webb sucks on her finger.
• Webb mentions the burger being messy, saying “Uh oh, I got it on my face.”
• Webb talks about how everything started for her “at that one game.” (That comment is reason enough for AJ McCarron to never talk to her again.)

Webb also struggles to get the whole thing in her mouth (Emily Ratajkowski had a similar issue).

We don’t know when Katherine Webb’s new Carl’s Jr. ad will air, but we know what it will look like.

[H/T: Inside Edition]

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