One Of Bama Poodle’s Owners Is An Auburn Fan



If you follow BC on Twitter, you know all about the Bama poodle that we tweeted about last week. It seems the dog is becoming famous in Birmingham.

The big takeaway from Birmingham’s Fox 6’s report last night on the Bama poodle is that one of Oona’s owners (the father) is an Auburn fan. The groomer (and Oona’s mom) is Amy “Bullet” Brown and she dyed her poodle so people could take photos to raise money for a local animal shelter.

Fox 6 never reported whether Bullet Brown was even a Bama fan, but did slip in news that Brown will transform Oona into Aubie (Auburn mascot) next season.


“Oona absolutely loves the attention. She loves the attention whether she’s in color or not, but of course the color draws more attention which makes her a happier girl.

Brown’s just lucky some crazy Roll Tide redneck hasn’t taken her dog. (Bullet also did this to her dog. She might be crazy.)

That’s one good looking bitch.

[Bama Poodel – Video – Birmingham Fox 6]


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