How Many Beers: Old Dancing Brewers Chick


The Brewers have had a terrible season, from winning the Kyle Lohse sweepstakes to Ryan Braun’s fall from grace.

Whatever. Mark Attanasio’s shitshow is not stopping the Brewers’ fan dancing in the video above (GIF below for those of you at work) from a little bump-and-grind to Ray Charles in lieu of a pennant race. Get it, Nana!

BC’s ‘How Many Beers?’ game is not just for fading stars. Sometimes, you have to take what the Internet gives you. So, if you’re a little thirsty, and you saw this woman and her fine Western-themed shirt celebrating the Brewers 7-0 win on Wednesday night…

How many beers: 4 beers and 1 Three Wise Men. Don’t judge; those hips swivel better than most twenty-somethings’ do.


[H/T: Cut4]

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